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Electric Wire Rope Hoist Manufacturers in Chennai

Sun Cranes are leading manufacturers of electric wire rope hoist manufacturers in Chennai. These hoists are made with resistance combination of quality materials and supported with advanced technology.  In today’s world, electric wire rope hoists has become an essential product  for  various sectors to improve their work efficiency . By using electric wire rope hoists ,  productivity is very well ensured. All electric hoists are manufactured for high speed operations.

One thing that separates Sun Cranes from others is that we provide customized solutions for your lifting needs. Sun Cranes analyses the customer’s needs and approaches towards the execution. There are several  different speeds and lifts that are made available to our clients. Apart from these, we provide motorized trolleys and lug mount kits that adds to your comfort.  Sun Crane’s electric wire rope hoists are stronger in strength and designed in a modular fashion for easy maintenance. Every hoists that comes out of the unit is undergone with rigorous testing standards and comply with quality assurance.

In Spite of several competitors, Sun Cranes has earned its name for best electric wire rope hoist manufacturers in Chennai. Located in Chennai, Our hoists are shipped all over the world.

Characteristics of Electric Wire Rope Hoists from Sun Cranes:

  • Easy to use
  • Smooth operation is ensured
  • Quality is obtained
  • “Safety” dynamics have been implemented.
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Cost-Effective Prices

Kindly Contact us for your customized hoist needs. Sun Cranes ensures its best service to you.

electric wire rope hoist manufacturers in chennai