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Welcome to Sun Cranes & Hoists, where we take satisfaction in providing excellent lifting solutions that are customized to your unique requirements. As the top professionals in the field, we are the finest EOT crane suppliers in Chennai, built to precisely and easily manage large loads, enhancing the efficiency and productivity of your business operations. Every product we manufacture stands out in terms of efficiency and longevity because of our dedication to quality and innovation.Our EOT cranes stand out among our wide variety of products for their outstanding dependability and performance. We believe in the vital role that cranes play in a variety of industries, including manufacturing and construction. To guarantee the highest level of functionality and safety, our cranes are made using premium materials and advanced engineering.

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We are regarded as one of the leading EOT crane manufacturers in Chennai. Our products are made to satisfy your unique needs, giving you the ideal answer to all of your lifting problems. Our group of very talented and knowledgeable engineers is dedicated to providing outstanding solutions for your lifting needs.

Sun Cranes & Hoists Private Limited has been hard at work for more than many years, building a solid reputation for dependability, quality, and advanced technology. Being one of the top material handling equipment manufacturers in Chennai, we offer cranes in various capacities to meet the diverse needs of various industries. The biggest names in the industry are among the people we have helped. We offer a variety of products, including heavy fabricators, multipurpose material handling lifts, JIB cranes, single girder EOT cranes, double girder EOT cranes, and single girder gantry cranes.

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Today’s customer perception of Quality, Price, Delivery and Service has continually changed
Sun Cranes understands this very well and offers with World Class EOT Cranes with Top Class Support.

Single Girder EOT Crane

We are offering a wide range of single girder EOT crane designs to suit industrial needs, Sun Cranes & Hoists is the top single girder EOT crane manufacturer in Chennai.

Gantry Crane

These cranes, often referred to as semi-goliath or goliath cranes, are mainly utilized outside and in stockyards. From 1T to 100T, we are a manufacturer of gantry cranes.

Double Girder EOT Crane

Our double girder EOT cranes are the only equipment you need if you're searching for machinery with a remarkable capability for lifting loads.

EOT Crane

We are an EOT crane manufacturer in Chennai, and our extensive selection of heavy duty EOT crane systems (double girder, single girder, etc.)

Wall Mounted Jib Crane

Are you looking for wall mounted jib crane manufacturers in Chennai? Sun Cranes & Hoists is one of the best cranes and hoists equipment manufacturers in Chennai.

Pillar Mounted Jib Crane

As one of the top pillar mounted jib crane manufacturers in Chennai, we are proud of our technological know-how and industry experience.


Sun Cranes Selection Guide

Light Duty : Class I

These type of Cranes are required for maximum 300 working hours per annum. Their speeds are slow and the structires are light.

Medium Duty : Class II

This class covers the widest range of cranes used across workshops, warehouses, and active industrial areas.

Heavy Duty : Class III

The total working load on these cranes is about 2000 working hours per annum. Where the cranes, in addition to normal handling work.

Extra Heavy Duty :

This class includes very special cranes of highest importance in Steel Industry, Cement Industry in some other selected industries.

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We are a company that works with several kinds of machinery that our technologists utilize to achieve multiple goals associated with manufacturing, and production. For more than a decade, as one of the top EOT Crane manufacturers in Chennai, we have provided our clients with a wide selection of solutions to meet their material flow demands, allowing them to attain the greatest possible performance and efficiency.


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